Kuab Maiv Yaj / Koua Mai Yang
Saint Paul, Minnesota



2017    Master of Fine Arts Candidate, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2012    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting). University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin



2018- "Continuum 2018: After 25 years" | Group show. Kenilworth Square East Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

2018- Third Thursdays on Argyle: Tsev | Duo show. Axis Lab, Chicago, Illinois. 

2017 - Where Are You Now | Group Show. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

2017 - Fresh Works | Group Show. Quarter Gallery, Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - Selected Works | Group Show. Public Functionary, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - Spirit: Tsho Hmoob, Hmong Shirt | Group Show. Made Here Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - MANIFEST: Refugee Roots Exhibition | Group Show. Little Mekong Art Walk. Saint Paul, Minnesota

2016 - Cause and Effect | Group Show. Flow Art Space, Saint Paul, Minnesota

2016 - Storytelling: Hmong American Voices | Group Show. James B. and Rosalyn L. Pick Museum of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

2015 - 17th Hmong National Development Conference: Visual Art Gallery | Group Show. Hmong National Development, Saint Paul, Minnesota

2013 - Art Alumni Exhibition | Group Show. North High School, Sheboygan, Wisconsin



2018-Tsev. Installation and presentation at the Art of Healing Transnational Healing Summit. Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

2018- Tsev. Collaboration with Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. In Motion: Performance and Unsettling Borders an interdisciplinary graduate student conference, performance festival on April 27-29 2018. Northwestern University Department of Performance Studies, Evanston, Illinois

2018 - Weeds of Politics | Creative Collaborator. Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2017- St. Paul Almanac IMPRESSIONS Project. Head House, Union Depot, St. Paul, Minnesota. Fall - September 1st, 2017  

2017- Mai. Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. New Works 4 Weeks 2017 Festival. Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2016 - she can be seen walking alone. Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. 2016 Naked Stages. Pillsbury House Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - she can be seen walking alone (excerpt). Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. Choreographers’ Evening curated by Rosy Simas, Walker Art Center,Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - Unsilencing Ourselves: Addressing and Shaming Hmong Patriarchy at Midwest Asian American. Student Union (MASSU) Conference, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Performance with choreographer Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia

2015-2016 - Storytelling: Hmong American Voices. Pick Museum of Anthropology Advisory Council. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

2015 - Restaging of Shh…. silence. Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. Barker Center for Dance, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2014 - Milwaukee Area Hmong Writing Project: A symposium to give literary voice to Hmong Americans. Lubar Hall, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Vang, B., Schein, L. (Fall 2015). Scenes Lost from Gran Torino: Hauntings of Hmong of Laos. (Re)collecting the Vietnam War. The Asian American Literary Review. 6, Issue 2: 295-303.



2018          University of Minnesota Twin Cities Department of Fine Arts Scholarship

2017-18    Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2013-14    Community Arts Fellowship. John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan,Wisconsin