Kuab Maiv Yaj / Koua Mai Yang
Saint Paul, Minnesota



2017-2020    Master of Fine Arts Candidate, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2012    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting). University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin



2018- "Continuum 2018: After 25 years" | Group show. Kenilworth Square East Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

2018- Third Thursdays on Argyle: Tsev | Duo show. Axis Lab, Chicago, Illinois. 

2017 - Where Are You Now | Group Show. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

2017 - Fresh Works | Group Show. Quarter Gallery, Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - Selected Works | Group Show. Public Functionary, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - Spirit: Tsho Hmoob, Hmong Shirt | Group Show. Made Here Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - MANIFEST: Refugee Roots Exhibition | Group Show. Little Mekong Art Walk. Saint Paul, Minnesota

2016 - Cause and Effect | Group Show. Flow Art Space, Saint Paul, Minnesota

2016 - Storytelling: Hmong American Voices | Group Show. James B. and Rosalyn L. Pick Museum of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

2015 - 17th Hmong National Development Conference: Visual Art Gallery | Group Show. Hmong National Development, Saint Paul, Minnesota

2013 - Art Alumni Exhibition | Group Show. North High School, Sheboygan, Wisconsin



2018-Tsev. Installation and presentation at the Art of Healing Transnational Healing Summit. Regis Center for Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

2018- Tsev. Collaboration with Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. In Motion: Performance and Unsettling Borders an interdisciplinary graduate student conference, performance festival on April 27-29 2018. Northwestern University Department of Performance Studies, Evanston, Illinois

2018 - Weeds of Politics | Creative Collaborator. Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2017- St. Paul Almanac IMPRESSIONS Project. Head House, Union Depot, St. Paul, Minnesota. Fall - September 1st, 2017  

2017- Mai. Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. New Works 4 Weeks 2017 Festival. Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2016 - she can be seen walking alone. Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. 2016 Naked Stages. Pillsbury House Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - she can be seen walking alone (excerpt). Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. Choreographers’ Evening curated by Rosy Simas, Walker Art Center,Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 - Unsilencing Ourselves: Addressing and Shaming Hmong Patriarchy at Midwest Asian American. Student Union (MASSU) Conference, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Performance with choreographer Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia

2015-2016 - Storytelling: Hmong American Voices. Pick Museum of Anthropology Advisory Council. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

2015 - Restaging of Shh…. silence. Choreographed by Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia. Barker Center for Dance, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2014 - Milwaukee Area Hmong Writing Project: A symposium to give literary voice to Hmong Americans. Lubar Hall, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Vang, B., Schein, L. (Fall 2015). Scenes Lost from Gran Torino: Hauntings of Hmong of Laos. (Re)collecting the Vietnam War. The Asian American Literary Review. 6, Issue 2: 295-303.



2018          University of Minnesota Twin Cities Department of Fine Arts Scholarship

2017-18    Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2013-14    Community Arts Fellowship. John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan,Wisconsin